Barrel Racers to Compete at Gulfstream Park in South Florida Sunday, April 8, 2012

Please note that the two riders listed on the 4/8 event are barrel racers.

A copy of the Gulfstream “overnight entries” for Sunday, April 8 (right). 

Despite related ongoing turmoil and protracted litigation, Gulfstream Park has unilaterally decided to proceed with its own version of Quarter Horse racing.  To view a copy of the Gulfstream “overnight entries” for Sunday, April 8 click here or on the photo to the right>.
Please note that the two riders listed on the April event are barrel racers.  It is assumed that their horses are also barrel racers.  However, the race will be a 220-yard dash.  The Florida Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association (FHBPA’s) understanding is that the two horses will start by the drop of a flag.
Although the “race” shown on the attachment is scheduled to fulfill what was supposed to be the second half of Gulfstream’s December 31/January 1 “Gulfstream Park After Care Quarter Horse Permit Meet,” there is strong question as to whether the initial race of the “Gulfstream After Care” licensed race scheduled for December 31, 2011 was actually run, since, although Gulfstream officials claimed publicly not to have run the race that day, but nevertheless reported wagering totals to the State of Florida.  The FHBPA’s understanding is that Gulfstream was fined a small amount by the State of Florida for the faulty reporting.  To view the handle report, click on the following link:–2012-03-13–February–YTD.pdf
It is also the FHBPA’s understanding that, given the State’s acceptance that there was, indeed, a race actually run under Gulfstream’s Quarter Horse permit on December 31, that Sunday’s (4/8) race would technically fulfill Florida’s two-year live racing requirements with the goal toward opening a new casino that would include additional slot machines.
Sunday’s Barrel Horse race was scheduled without the permission or knowledge of the FHBPA, which has a contractual agreement with Gulfstream Park stating that ONLY Thoroughbred horse racing is to be run at the facility. 
“The FHBPA has been negotiating with Gulfstream on a new purse contract since the end of 2011.  However, the results have been frustratingly unsuccessful,” FHBPA President Phil Combest explained.  “Obviously, we, the horsemen, are, by definition, totally committed to the future of Thoroughbred racing at Gulfstream, but if Gulfstream intended to engage in legitimate Quarter Horse racing, it would have done so with the approval and sanction of the Florida Quarter Horse Racing Association, which is the Florida arm of the American Quarter Horse Association.  We do not even remotely understand how Gulfstream’s use of barrel racers in what they are terming ‘Quarter Horse racing’ fits in here.”

“It’s also extremely important to understand that we currently have a valid and binding purse contract with Gulfstream which runs through December 31, 2012.  That contract explicitly states that there will NO racing of any type other than Thoroughbred racing at Gulfstream,” Combest added.
“Pari-Mutuel Barrel Racing” at North Florida’s Gretna Racing LLC (co-owned by Gulfstream Park lobbyist Marc Dunbar and former Gulfstream Park attorney David Romanik) has resulted in 99.1% drops in pari-mutuel handle, along with a precipitous drop in the need for horses from some 1,000 to less than 50 to complete a “meet.”

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