Magic City Loophole Lawyer John Lockwood Tells The Florida Current: Repeal of slot machine rules won’t have much of an effect on pari-mutuel business

The Florida Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering (DPMW) was set to consider the repeal of various Rules relating to slot machine and pari-mutuel regulation at a hearing on Monday, June 18, 2012  in Tallahassee.   The hearing was scheduled to place less than 10 days before the DPMW resumes defense of its license award to Gretna Racing LLC’s “pari-mutuel barrel racing” in administrative court.

(Hyperlinks to the referenced Rules are provided below)

Gray Rohrer of The Florida Current reports:

Gaming rules to be repealed without hearing

Gray Rohrer, 06/18/2012

A meeting to repeal about a dozen rules regulating pari-mutuel and slot machines operations scheduled for Monday was cancelled when no one requested a hearing.

Since a hearing was not held, the filing deadline for the rule repeals is Aug. 23, and they will take effect Sept. 12.

The rules that are slated to be repealed would do away with state requirements for:

* a $15,000 fee to pay for an initial background investigation for a pari-mutuel permit;
* information given to regulators on amendments to lease agreements for pari-mutuel permits;
* a report to be kept on site detailing the amount and types of jobs related to slot machine operations;
* keeping an updated list of a slot operator’s minimum security staff levels;
* and protocols surrounding electronic money transfers.

According to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which houses gaming industry regulator Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering, the rules were targeted for repeal as part of Gov. Rick Scott’s executive order 11-01 directing state agencies to find obsolete, duplicative or overly burdensome rules to eliminate.

Related Research: Read Executive Order Number 2011-01.

Requirements to provide reports on slot machine jobs and security staffing levels are “no longer necessary” because “federal and state employment laws require companies to maintain accurate and current job descriptions for each position so employees who are hired are aware of the expectations related to their jobs,” said DBPR spokeswoman Sandi Poreda.

Pari-mutuel operators that offer slots said the repeal of the rules won’t have much of an effect on their business. John Lockwood, an attorney and consultant for several pari-mutuel owners and slot machine companies, said the state “went overboard” in 2006 when many of the rules were adopted.

“A lot of that stuff just wasn’t really necessary to regulate the industry,” Lockwood said.



The pari-mutuel rules slated for repeal include:

The pari-mutuel rules slated for amendment include:

The slot machine rules slated for repeal are:

  • 61D-14.042: Accounting and Occurrence Meter Specifications
  • 61D-14.013: Pari-Mutuel Occupational License Transition Period Provisions
  • 61D-14.023: Slot Machine Base Doors
  • 61D-14.026: Cabinet Wiring
  • 61D-14.077: Procedure for Electronic Fund Transfers
  • 61D-14.078: Patron Slot Machine Gaming Accounts
  • 61D-14.083: Compliance with Federal Reporting Requirements
  • 61D-14.091: Jobs Compendium Requirement
  • 61D-14.092: Content of Jobs Compendium
  • 61D-14.094: Department Agreement to the Minimum Critical Staff Level (MCSL) List Requirement for Security and Surveillance

On January 4, 2012, the DPMW repealed various regulations specifically pertaining to Thoroughbred racing.

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